Reiki Healing Taught by Long-Time Practitioners

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Doctors With Reiki was founded by a woman who is both a board-certified physician in private practice, and a certified psychic, healer, and medium. Carla has the training to work independently in both fields of expertise. She is partnered in this with Ross, an old soul who has been an expert in Healing for a very long time, and is more of an intuitive healer.

Our goal is to combine whatever is of benefit of both to the healing setting. This further includes the secondary aim to empower those who are in the front lines of conventional medicine with the healing techniques and spiritual techniques for self-care to reduce burnout.

We are a not-for-profit, from the ground up organization which has grown to encompass a community of like-minded individuals from across the globe. Our team of healers generously devotes their energy through long-distance healing to the sickest of the sick, and to those who are facing dire emergencies of a personal nature. Our healing works on a soul-level, 

on the physical, on the mental, on the etheric, and the spiritual essence of a person or situation simultaneously. Although we do not guarantee outcome or miracles, as there are many factors going in to a particular situation, we always ensure that the healing is without side effects, and is always directed for the highest good of everyone related to each Reiki Request. Furthermore, we sent out two healings individually every day, one Reiki healing, and another Divine Peace Healing, to everyone who has ever clicked, liked, read, or followed any of our work, if they have the intention to accept our healing--for free for the rest of our lives! These small daily healings add up to a big difference to many in the increase in well-being, contentment, and enjoyment of their lives.

What can we do for you?

Please explore the website to learn more about what is available through our healing work--the healing, the teaching, the healing services, the healing jewelry with the finest materials made by hand that is Reiki-infused and blessed by us both, and the joy of being of service to humankind!

With love and gratitude,

the Team Captains,
Carla and Ross

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