Teaching Reiki Practices to Promote Healing

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Welcome to Doctors With Reiki!

This page is for healing. Whether you are in health care and are feeling a little ‘unhealthy’ and possibly ‘a little burned out’, or perhaps you are looking for ‘something more’ in the care of your current illness, this is the place online to explore energy medicine and how it applies to you.

Energy healing is centuries old. Reiki itself was discovered by Mikao Usui Sensei in the early 20th century in Japan. Although we use Reiki, we also work with energies of spirit in the angelic realms such as the Divine Healing Codes.

All of our work is designed to open you to another layer of healing which is possible. It is to be used along with standard medical treatment and mental health care to maximize the outcome potential.

There are no ‘miracles’ on this page, and yet, this page in and of itself is a miracle!

And if you accept it, in your heart, you will receive two free healings from us every single day for as long as we both live.


The Founders
Ross and Carla

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